Political marketing and social studies
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The picture behind the numbers

A survey – it seems so simple! You ask the questions, get the answers, and report the numbers. Most research companies stop precisely here. MEDIANA explores behind the plain numbers. We use them to provide a picture .

We offer a great variety of political, social and economic, and marketing surveys, corresponding to the needs of each client.


Political and social strategy surveys
Electoral predisposition and behavior
Marketing studies
Media analyses. Audience surveys
PR campaigns
Analyses and tailoring of strategy development


The above mentioned methods are just few of the whole spectrum of surveys we make and do not present fully the tools we apply in our studies. Each survey has its own peculiarities. Mediana will suggest you the type of survey that will most fully correspond to your goals.

Quantitative Methods
Tracking surveys
Continuous surveys
Rapid, phone-in surveys
Ad hoc studies

Qualitative Methods
Exploratory focus groups
In-depth interviews
Desk research
Content Analysis. Press Clipping
Digital Monitoring